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Don't Ignore Entering Sweepstakes By Mail

It's hard not to notice that sweepstakes have proliferated online. Most all companies, marketers, and even blogs have taken advantage of offering their sweepstakes promotions online. They are easy and cheaper to run online. The old days of mailing in a postcard to enter seems to have all but disappeared. This has been generally accepted as a good thing by a lot of people that enter sweepstakes because there are no longer postage and paper costs. There are dozens of sites listing sweepstakes links without charge also. Our site also has a database of online sweepstakes with prize values over $1,000 available to all viewers.

The only problem is, there is much, much more competition to win online sweepstakes! I believe that the sweepstakes that are more "winnable", turn out it be the very sweepstakes that you probably do not enter online. We believe that it is much more likely to win a prize in a sweepstakes that is not entered by the masses online. In other words, the sweepstakes with fewer entrants and much better odds of winning.

While you should still enter sweepstakes online, I am more inclined to put my energy into sweepstakes that are often ignored by the masses of online entrants. These sweepstakes may include promotions offered without an online entry such as mail-in entries or text entries. I also see many sweepstakes that are available to enter online, but may require you to make a purchase, fill out a lengthy survey, or join a rewards program. The trick here is that the sponsors must make a means of entry without a purchase, which is usually by mail. In some cases of large instant-win games, a code is required from a purchase to enter online. Sometimes it is fairly cheap to purchase a product for a code, such as a can of soda, a hamburger, or candy bar - but, you may also obtain a free code to enter often by mail. Some of these promotions are relatively easy to win. Also, for those without online access, you still have as good a chance as any when you enter by mail. This is because most all online sweepstakes have some type of entry limitation, such as one entry per person - and your mail-in entry has just as much chance to win.

This is where YOU have a big advantage over the masses of entries received for online sweepstakes. We are geared to mail-in sweepstakes, and put a lot of effort into finding sweepstakes that are difficult to enter online or not available for online entry. So, continue entering by mail knowing that your odds of winning are likely better than winning most large online sweepstakes.    




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